Frequently asked questions

- I have got problems equalising and now I have got earpain

- I made several dives and now my hearing is less

- What can I do against jelly fish or lionfish stings?

- Can I dive with my astma?

At Dive Medical Bonaire we have got two experienced physicians who are also experienced divers.

Willem van der Kamp

Dr. Willem van der Kamp, MD, PhD, neurologist is a enthousiastic diver, and a trained hyperbaric chamber physician. He studied in Leiden, The Netherlands and is living in the Caribean since 1994.

Carola Roeters
Occupational Health Physician

Dr. Ir. Carola Roeters is an experienced diver and a trained hyperbaric physician. She studied in Utrecht, The Netherlands and works since 2011 in Bonaire. 

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