Bonaire and Scuba Diving

Scuba diving has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many individuals of all ages wishing to enjoy the underwater world. To accommodate this growing interest in the sport, diving medicine has evolved over the years to address the need for better medical knowledge, especially in how it relates to diving safely.

Bonaire is well known as a "divers paradise," so there is a need on the island for practical and valid answers to medical dive questions. The prospective diver on Bonaire should only accept a medical decision if there is a good reason and explanation for it. The reason needs to be real, proven, valid, and of consequence to the diver's particular situation. Divers want to know all the facts available and then have a role in their interpretation--a medical reason is one factor, but the explanation and reasoning behind it is another matter.


Here, at DMB, we will help you in finding and making the right decision concerning scuba diving, not only by providing you with medical advice, but also in the discussion and interpretation of the medical facts. For example, what are the risks for you to scuba dive, given YOUR health and with YOUR medical/physical condition? Can these risks be diminished? Is there a possible treatment or cure for the condition? We try to be realistic and help you with making the right choice. It is easy for any doctor to say "no go" if you have any medical condition. In that way there is not any risk--for either the person nor the physician. But the challenge is to make a sound judgment weighing, on one side, all the medical risk factors, the probability of these occurring, and the consequences if such a factor does occur, while on the other side, weighing the joy and pleasure you can experience with scuba diving here on Bonaire.

DiveMedicalBonaire is very conveniently situated at the Kaya Grandi in central Kralendijk. This part of the Kaya Grandi is the extended part of the part with all the shops. So just head north starting from the shop-part and Dive Medical Bonaire is about 500 m further on your right hand side. The location provides walking distance to or from the hospital or recompression chamber. 

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