On office hours from 08.00 till 17.00 you can come to the office without appointment. 

Outside office hours you can reach us 24/7 by telephone 00599 7005230 and make an appointment. During office hours you ca also reach us on 00599 7173100

Cost of consultation is $75, outside office hours $100. Housecall will be charged $150.

I arrived on bonaire for a 3 week dive trip and had concerns of a treated cough that was still bothering me 4 weeks prior to arriving. I was seen by Dr Willem van der Kamp and advised me on posable effects the meds that i had taken and were still on relating to diving. It was extremely helpful and comforting i felt i could approach the first week snorkeling and shallow test dive on the second week when the cough was over. Every thing worked out and got 11 dives with no issues in the last 14 days. I highly recommend taking the time and using there medical services. Thank you Michael C Ohio USA.

Mike Caldarone, 23 feb 2018

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